News & Events

Date Description
28th September 2020 Outcome of 146th AGM held on September 28, 2020
19th September 2020 BSE Addendum Newspaper Publication
17th September 2020 Addendum to the Notice of the 146th Annual General Meeting
15th September 2020 Outcome of Postal Ballot and Declaration of Voting Results 2020
9th September 2020 Newspaper Advertisement for Dispatch of Notice
3rd September 2020 Notice for 146th AGM on September 28, 2020
27th August 2020 Intimation under Reg 30
14th August 2020 Despatch Intimation of Postal Ballot Notice August 2020
13th August 2020 Postal Ballot Notice August 2020
24th June 2020 Registration of E-mail ID for serving of Notices / Annual Reports through electronic mode by Company
22nd May 2020 Credit Rating for Bank Facilities
9th September 2019 Outcome of 145th AGM held on September 9, 2019
19th August 2019 Newspaper Advertisement for Dispatch of Notice for 145th AGM
29th June 2019 Closure of Trading Window - June 2019
15th May 2019 Notice for 145th AGM on September 9, 2019
08th April 2019 Closure of Trading Window - March 2019
04th March 2019 Newspaper Advertisement as per SEBI Circular dated November 6, 2018
13th November 2018 Appointment of Key Managerial Personnel - Intimation under Regulation 30 of the SEBI (Listing Obligations and Disclosure Requirements) Regulations, 2015
1st September 2018 Outcome of 144th AGM held on August 31, 2018
13th August 2018 Newspaper Advertisement for Dispatch of Notice
14th May 2018 Notice for 144th AGM on August 31, 2018
2nd May 2018 BSE Intimation KC Mohta Cessation
29th December 2017 Despatch Intimation of Postal Ballot Notice
28th December 2017 Postal Ballot Notice
11th May 2017 Notice for 143rd AGM on August 31, 2017
19thJanuary 2017 Postal Ballot Results dtd 19.01.2017
19th December 2016 Despatch Intimation of Postal Ballot Notice
11th December 2016 Postal Ballot Notice
31st August 2016 The Telegrarh Article - Joonktollee on the Prowl
13th May 2016 Notice for 142nd AGM on August 30, 2016.
5th April 2016

Joonktollee Tea & Industries Ltd has informed BSE that the Company has completed on April 05, 2016 the acquisition of 80,000 Equity Shares of Rs.100/- each being 100% paid-up share capital of M/s. Keshava Plantations Private Limited owning Azizbagh Tea Estate at Assam in terms of the Share Purchase Agreement dated December 02, 2015 at a consideration of Rs.27.50 Crores.

By virtue of completion of the aforesaid transaction, M/s. Keshava Plantations Private Limited has become wholly-owned subsidiary of the Company w.e.f. April 05, 2016.

9thJanuary 2016 Postal Ballot Results
3rd December 2015 Postal Ballot Notice

Draft Articles of Association
2nd December 2015

The Company has entered into a Share Purchase Agreement for acquiring 100% equity shares of Keshava Plantations Pvt. Ltd. with the Chaliha family for acquisition of Azizbagh Tea Estate in Assam with factory for a consideration of Rs. 27.50 crores. Acquisition will be completed before March, 2016.

23th September 2015 Outcome of 141st AGM held on 22.09.2015
12th August 2015 Subject: Appointment of Chairman of the Company

Description: Shri. Hemant Bangur was appointed as the Chairman of the Company in its Board Meeting held on 12th August 2015.

15th May 2015 Notice for 141st AGM on September 22, 2015.
14th May 2014 Notice for 140th AGM on August 26, 2014.
10th April 2014 The Company's shares are now directly listed on BSE Limited w.e.f. April 10, 2014.
19th April 2012 Notice for Despatch of Postal Ballot Papers.
October 2011 Subject: A study of the Asia Crop Production Industry and the 500 Companies that operate in it by The Plimsoll Asia.

Description : The Company is 201st largest Company in the Asian market and 151st most profitable. As per the above analysis if the Company continues in its current course, it will jump up the ranking significantly.

16th September 2011 Subject: Mr. Hemant Bangur, has been elected as the President of Tea Association of India.
7th December 2010 Subject: A Flavour of Samse's Tea Gardens
2nd July 2010 Subject: Sri Ganapathy Astabandha Celebration


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